The Alhambra Slowhomes environment is beautiful and unique. Next to the Puerta de las Granadas and the Alhambra forest. More than 500 years of history have set and defined their romantic and melancholic atmosphere. The urban section in which it is inserted is extremely privileged and unusual. The frontier between the fortress and the city and main link between them since the Christian conquest of 1492.

grabado slowhomes situacion

Alhambra Slowhomes is located on Cuesta de Gomérez, 41. The house is included in the heritage protection area of the Alhambra and Generalife. It’s on a pedestrian street, right under the Torre de la Vela and Torres Bermejas, at the border of the forest that separates the city from the Alhambra. Its main facade faces the historic Cuesta de Gomérez and is just away meters from the popular Puerta de Las Granadas (Pedro Machuca, 1536) that gives access to monument area. Down the street is Plaza Nueva which concentrates commercial and tourist activity in the city.

slowhomes situacion 1590_Ambrosio_de_Vico

The building is listed on the architectural catalog for the protection and planning  of the Alhambra. We are unable to date its exact origin, but the building design today responds to its residential occupation in the late nineteenth century. A throughout restoration has been carried out in 2012, respecting the spatial organization and taking care of details, stairs, façades and most significant decorative elements.

* La urbanización de la Cuesta de Gomérez. Artículo de Julio Juste, 2010


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